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Everyone is on their own front!

The Front-U Frontmen are our most special donators!


Thanks to them, we can upgrade our army even faster and on a larger scale in technological terms.


Our Frontmen generously donate every month or provide immediate effective financial support.


They form one big community of the like-minded people who do everything for the sake of the common goal – our unconditional victory!


They have access

to a closed community


We add them to a private Telegram chat with additional content and reports.

They can influence decisions


Our Frontmen participate in the surveys about the directions of assistance to the army.

They promote charity for the sake of the victory

Increase the audience and promote the initiative among their friends and colleagues.

They receive our boundless gratitude and respect

With their consent, we post photos of our donators and their wishes on our website.


Make a monthly subscription from 3,000  UAH
and become our Frontman or Frontwoman


Do you want to become a Frontman? 
Join the financial rear!
Get a monthly subscription starting from
3 000 UAH and become our Frontman.
Make one significant donation starting from 15 000 UAH, and we'll give you a title of a Frontman.
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